Wrapping Up!

19 08 2008

Ever since my last post, I’ve been busy finishing off my plugin by implementing various additional features. These include the first two suggestions from the previous Refinements post, as well as:

  • Allowing users to specify separate Spring Length and Spring Coefficient parameters for node and label edges. This further improves the label layout plugin’s ability in enhancing network readability.
  • Allow users to reset the label position of all their nodes. Without this option, users will have to reset the label position of each and every node manually in order to undo the change in position.

In addition to implementation, I’ve also been:

  • Editing the Cytoscape User Manual on the Cytoscape Wiki to let users know how to use this label layout plugin
  • Cleaning up code and adding more documentation
  • Issuing tickets on Cytoscape’s bug tracking system regarding what still needs to be done/fixed
  • Testing, testing, and more testing..

This will be my last week of Google Summer of Code 2008. It’s been an awesome summer, and I’ve definitely learned a lot! For the rest of this week, I will continue wrapping up this project, and I will be working on making my ScreenCast.