Refinements :)

30 07 2008

Gary kindly dropped by my office this morning to take a look at what I’ve got up and running so far for my plugin. It seems like the both of us are quite happy with the general functionality of the plugin, and how well our approach turned out. So what’s next is a few new features that I will be adding to my plugin:

  • Of the total number of iterations of the algorithm, users can specify what percentage of these iterations they would like the network nodes to be moved as well. [Kindly suggested by Greg :)]
  • Reposition the labels (and network nodes as well, taking the previous feature into account) only for the selected nodes.
  • Implement some sort of smart label wrapping which will wrap long labels into more of a square/circular shape.

In addition, I will also be spending some time testing out my label plugin to see which default values will work best for the plugin.

With a week and a half left of my GSoC summer (I will be volunteering at the Agile Conference next week), I am going to implement as many of these as I can. :)




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30 07 2008

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19 08 2008
Wrapping Up! « idea021

[…] various additional features.  These include the first two suggestions from the previous Refinements post, as well […]

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