Summer 2008 Hippos!

5 06 2008

The two candidates for our Summer 2008 Hippo (and their votes so far)!

Hippo with Wings

Hippo with Wings: 4

Hippo with Hat & Scarf

Hippo with Hat & Scarf: 15

Still waiting for votes from: Eran, Xuan, Ming, Dmitri, Nicole, Matt, Chris, Hardeep.

Sorry if I missed anyone!




11 responses

5 06 2008

Hat and scarf — it’s been that kind of a summer so far :-)

5 06 2008

Got it!

5 06 2008

I’m for Hippo with Wings

5 06 2008

Hat and scarf. Voting for the obvious future winner.

5 06 2008

Hat and Scarf for the cold summer.

5 06 2008
Ming T. Chow

I am for the hat and scarf because the other one reminds me of some bad childhood memories. ;_;

5 06 2008

I like the hippo with wings.

But since the hat and scarf one is looking like the winner, I do think it will be fun to watch the quizzical looks as people try to figure out why the hippo is wearing at hat and scarf. :-)

5 06 2008

It seems to me that the strategic blunder with the winged hippo is the 2008 tattoo. It’s not going to get a lot of the adolescent male geek vote that’s very much a deciding factor in this election, even though the wings are immensely attractive to the older conservative evangelical constituencies. Still, the oxymoron turned the tide and gave scarf hippo a landslide victory with 76.5%.

5 06 2008
Hardeep Singh

Why wouldn’t you pick the hat’s and scarf one?

6 06 2008

So Hardeep, I’m going to put you down for the hat and scarf one! Let me know otherwise. :)

6 06 2008

Hat & scarf :)

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